Poet With Tools

"To wrest the century away from bondage so as to start the world anew one must tie together with a flute the knees of all the knotted days"
- Osip Mandelstam 'The Century'

Music with 6majik9

The disorientating power of sound is explored in the following three discs recorded with the 6majik9 collective. I was educated by this crew in the sunny hills and mushroom laden dales of the Downs. Toowoomba Australia was the birth crater of the group mind for this mission unpossible. Enjoy, but don’t blame me if it changes your mind………

6majik9: “In The Service Of Mistress Cecily” (2011)

6majik9: “The Human Hand” (2005)

6majik9: “In Mara’s Glove” (2005)